Coin flip

Presale Phase

What is Coin flip?

Coin $Flip is more than just your typical Meme coin! 🔥Immediate Dapp game where users will be able to use tokens to win tokens. 🔥 V2 of Dapp will allow players to win ETH by using Tokens!🚀 0% Buy Tax - 3% Sell Tax - 🔥🔥 100% of tax goes to ETH rewards for the game! 🚀👾GAME READY - WEB AND App VERSION 👾🥉Top CEX exchanges 🚀 🙌 Professional Social media and community management teams hired🙌Huge Marketing push for all stages of development!🔥🔥 Community Rewards for Successful Presale!

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Launched08 Jul 2023
Added01 Jul 2023