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What is Fetchain Blockchain?

Fetchain is a Web3.0 interoperability protocol that enables cross-chain transfers of blockchain assets and data between blockchains.

Fetchain Features

Transferring assets and data between the chains has been one of the biggest challenges in the crypto space. Blockchains operate in isolation from each other which limits their uses and growth.

Fetchain Token

Fetchain token powers the tokenized interoperable oracle ecosystem.


Fetchain consists of a network of nodes as the base layer of the protocol which are connected to multiple blockchains. These nodes can independently harvest the data from the blockchains and process them into destination blockchain readable format. The messages from the node operators are aggregated via Fetchain’s consensus mechanism before sending them to the destination blockchain.


Security is at the core of Fetchain Chain’s Decentralised Interoperable Fetchain and the services built on the Fetchain Chain Protocol layer will be able to choose from a range of consensus mechanisms to fit their use case and security needs

Use Cases

- Cross-Chain Decentralized Applications

- Decentralised Token Bridges

- Interoperable DeFi Markets

- Multichain Interoperable Exchanges

- Lending & Borrowing Platforms

- Yield Optimisation and Distribution

- Multichain Token Standards

- Solving Fragmentation of Assets Across Chains

- Flexible Smart Contracts

- Computing & Storage Arbitrage

Contract Address: 0x2bf0AEcF6109A0A13b40804C05F0D0F9F7582Da5

Website: https://fetchain.net/

Telegram: https://t.me/FetchainBlockchain

Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsfetchainERC

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Launched23 May 2022
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