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What is WagerGang?

WagerGang is a decentralized play pools provider for sports and eSports events running on the BNB Chain (BSC).

WagerGang is the first original smart contract protocol built to disrupt the old bookmaker model.

Traditional Bookmakers have an edge over you by fixing the odds and taking a substantial cut.

WagerGang disrupts this old model and makes wagers on sports contest 100% transparent.

No odds, no handicap.

We have lots of additional features that let you earn official sports teams tokens, exchange your favorite sport star NFTs or just stake your GANG tokens for farming.

The GANG token also allows you to take part and vote on every family decision.

Wagergang is not only a Dapp. We will launch the first and most complete blockchain sports result and data ORACLE ⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🏒🥊. Our Oracle will take all LIVE sports data (present and past) and transfer them on blockchain in full transparency. All data will automatically be verified from many different sources to ensure their accuracy.

The Oracle will be available to be used by different Dapp on different blockchain for small fees. Those fees will contribute to the financial health of the GANG token.

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Launched19 Jun 2022
Added29 May 2022