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What is goldhunt?

📌1. The great hunting gold plan has begun to enter the pvp fighting game. At this time, the warriors set off from the mine to find new rewards. It will be a new task. Brave miners become brave hunters and set off in strange forests to find the highest Reward In order to enter the forest Warriors will carry various weapons into the open forest full of adventure The big reward is this is a risky plan, from now on, great game Beware of other hunters aiming at your loot Warriors also have their own hunting grounds to come show their prey

📌2. From now on

GHT USDT reward Oracle GHT prey treasure chest system reward mechanism BTC ETH BNB USDT NFT and other rich rewards!

📌3. In GHT, an innovative automatic exchange system to keep your rewards stable. When you play, your rewards will be in USDT. You can claim the reward at any time, our in-game system will automatically convert it to GHT at this time

If your friend catches a rare animal, you can also get a 10% invitation bonus. Warriors, you can open the dropped treasure chest during the hunt. For this reason, you can also design treasure chests for your friends in your own hunting ground. The probability of any token and NFT is Can be used on the way! Dear warriors are always on call!

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