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What is Starbound?

$Starbound Finance $SBD - Claim your ship ticket!

A new De-Fi Token with groundbreaking and unique features. Our Starbound ship has been designed with 2 key factors mind, safety and longevity! Join us in our journey to colonize the stars for the LONG term with an experienced team leading the way with tons of unique and improved utility functions!

Buy Back Whale to protect the fleet from invading fudders and paper handed sellers!

Passive BNB Rewards to incentize holding throughout your journey.

Anti Sniper / Anti Bot Measures Taken at launch with the assistance the top sniper and bot coders on the BSC.

EXCLUSIVE Ship Ticket Feature - Early investors get tickets that place them in a bonus tokenomics reward pool! Each week a very limited number of additional tickets will be given as well! (Less holders of the ticket means you get a MUCH bigger share of the distribution compared to a normal tax.)

Doxxed Members and a team with TONS of crypto experience and a dev that has worked on high profile projects (Sushiswap and Waultswap)

Backed by massive communities including De-Fi expert Jay Nakomoto

PLUS HUGE unreleased utility backends one of which NEVER seen on the BSC!


- Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000

- 4% BNB Passive Reward

- 3% Friendly Starship Buyback

- 3% Marketing Tax

- 2% Liquidity Pool for an increasing price floor

- 0.5% Ship Ticket Holder BNB Rewards

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Launched30 Jul 2021
Added20 Jul 2021