Binance Smart Chain

What is SimurghToken?

Simurgh token is a decentralized and targeted financial protocol in the Binance smart chain platform that can be expanded according to the needs of the market.

Simurgh token will start thriving and because SMT is designed for digital marketing and charities, as long as human beings are dealing with each other, it will last.

As part of our plans, we seek to facilitate import and export of unique products such as art works which will help artists in order to sell their products with this token throughout the world, helping farmers, especially those who that are developing and underdeveloped countries who produce precious products but are suffering from poverty due to lack of good marketing.

In addition, we are also creating a portal for charitable donations between donors and charities around the world and in the context of digital currencies with the aim of empowering women and gender equality also......

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Launched10 Jul 2021
Added02 Sep 2021