What is Sportzchain?

SPORTZCHAIN is focused on creating a digital world for fans which will thrive on end-to-end fan engagement and empowerment by truly leveraging the power of blockchain. Currently, there is no single platform that can unite all the fans with their favourite teams and provide a platform to engage, entertain and experience privileged content and activities currently available for only a selected few. Some of the issues that fans face presently include, but are not limited to, low engagement, lack of incentivization and limited powers as fans etc.

Using Sportzchain’s platform, we aim to bridge the gap between fans and their favourite sporting teams. Our vision is to create a single window for the sporting fraternity that would eliminate the current hurdles for fans and bring them closer to the teams they support and convert it into a long-lasting relationship, wherein fans and teams can both contribute to and benefit from each other. In other words, our platform will be a Digital World for Fans and our native asset $SPN will be at the core of this world’s engine and will be interoperable across our ecosystem.

Currently, we have an exclusive sports token and NFT partnership with 5+ teams in Cricket and Kabaddi (a renowned sports in India). The pipeline is only getting stronger with more Cricket, Football and E-Sports teams showing significant interest in SPORTZCHAIN's offering. The aim is to explore more opportunities with the Asian community where there is a significant fan following for multiple sports.

What is a $SPN Token?

$SPN will act as the engine (or the passport) to our digital world that would empower the fans to access VIP privileges, gamification, contests, content, etc. – all in our platform. In essence, $SPN is a utility asset that acts as a booster for the platform. All activities including buying sports tokens of your favourite team, participating in polls and contests, accessing exclusive and VIP privileges, and enjoying ‘money can't buy’ experiences will require you to hold $SPN tokens. To summarize, with $SPN constituting the core of our platform functions, we believe we will deliver high engagement and financial rewards for the token holders over the short, medium and long terms. For early adopters of $SPN, we will provide staking programs with up to 40% APY providing passive income for hodlers of $SPN.

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Launched22 Aug 2022
Added23 Aug 2022