Binance Smart Chain

What is Cryptopoly?

Cryptopoly is a fun mix between Monopoly and fair luck games soldered into smart

contracts to be 100% transparent.

With memes, arcade games and modern crypto art as well parodies of events and

movies the cryptopoly community is setting up a fun and entertaining project.

With a flexible token and NFT staking system the user is able to get up to 16% from

the total trade amounts.

To enter these staking pools the user has to throw digital dice (like in monopoly) and

will win random NFT cards which are needed to enter the staking pools.

Each pool gives the user additional 2% till the max. of 16% total rewards.

So how does it work?

The user buys the Cryptopoly Token on a Dex, for each $69 step the user will get free

digital dice throws where he will get free mint for the reward pool NFTs.

As more coherent NFT sets the user have collected as more pools he can join and

get rewards.

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Launching on01 Jan 2024
Added27 Aug 2023