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What is Dragon Ball APE?

DragonBall APE(DBA) is based on the game "DragonBall Online", it will be the first large-scale MMORPG blockchain game which use 3D engine on BSC.

DragonBall APE(DBA) is developed to provide an exciting player experience, where you can choose to become a Human, Namekian or Majin and start carrying out missions depending on the occupations chosen by the player. You can make more profits by beating monsters to make level up, getting game items and strengthening your character.You can also participate in the “TenKaichiBudokai” to win more $DBA and &USDT rewards.

Our main ambition is to build a superior game ecosystem in the blockchain space offering sustainable value to our users and investors, therefore, DragonBall Coin(DBA) is established on Binance Smart chain compatible with web3 wallets such as Metamask, which will be used to allow transactions.

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Market Cap0.37% -$1
USD Price$0.000000000000093
Price Change 1h0.65%
Price Change 24h0.37%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000000000093056


Launched02 Jun 2022
Added02 Jun 2022