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What is Helis?


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All details about our project can be found our website.

Token Contrat : ✅


Decimals : 18

Symbol : HLS

Network : BSC

❗️❗️Please look into our website for detailed information.

Helis Game is version of worldwide known game module First Person Shooter but integrated in web3 blockchain. Users connect their wallet using the portal then activate the nft.After that they play in test mode,clan war mode or tournament mode,whichever they want. They combat against both rivals(other users) and gamebots.They can play single or as a team.At the end they get prizes.So it is a new generation fps game that has a concept of play and win.

Token Sale : https://www.pinksale.finance/launchpad/0xBaA9F74D80e4bA6b1a408b2fC9E2f60A10d9153c?chain=BSC


📌 www.helisgame.com

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Launched24 Aug 2023
Added24 Aug 2023