Presale Phase

What is 3VO?

We are building a web3 SuperApp ecosystem that bridges finance to social, enabling users, brands and communities to interact and exchange value directly with the minimal amount of intermediaries.

By merging the principles of Web3 and Social Media, 3vo introduces a new paradigm that changes the way we perceive and exchange digital value, offering users an all-in-one platform to discover, create and transact.

With easy access to tokenization, value in the form of content and experiences can be transformed into liquid digital assets that can be then easily owned, exchanged and monetized.

Join us to shape the new "Internet of Value" era by bringing easy, accessible, and social web3 tools to the masses, unlocking their full potential

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01 Nov 2023
11 Apr 2024
StatusFinishes in 4 months
Duration5 months
TypeNormal Presale


Launched01 Nov 2023
Added21 Nov 2023