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What is AI Pepe?

🐸🤖AI Pepe🤖🐸

🎯Mission: The dogs have had their day, it’s time for AI Pepe to take reign with the Power of AI.

➡️Get FREE Airdrop➡️

😬 Buy $AIPEPE➡️

💡Meme idea: AI + Pepe

0️⃣ Buy Tax = 0%

❤️‍🔥Initial Burnt 50%

❤️‍🔥Auto-Burn on sell



📣 Marketing Plan⬇️

📈 Top CEX Listings After Launch

📖 Facebook, 🌐 Adsense 📷 Instagram Ads & 🎵 TikTok Marketing

🪙 CMC Fastrack Booked

🦎 CG Fastrack Booked

🔸 Bscscan Ads

🦅 DexScreener Ads 🐱Dexview Ads 💩 Poocoin Ads

✅ Premium Press Releases

🔥 Dextools, Avedex, Dexview Trending






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Launched22 May 2023
Added15 May 2023