Musk Gold


Musk Gold to USD Chart

What is Musk Gold?

$MUSK Gold is the “Gold of the Galaxy”, a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital asset that enables you to easily send and receive money anywhere throughout our solar system and beyond. Unlike all other cryptocurrencies that were created solely for use on Earth, $MUSK Gold is made for the entire Universe.

$MUSK Gold will fuel the financial ecosystem for the new world that pioneer Elon Musk has spent a decade preparing us for this convergence. This near future off-world society, which is not beholden to existing boundaries on Earth, will be based around the five pillars essential for humanity to thrive; Energy, Communication, Transportation, Architecture and a new Financial System.

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Market Cap0.77% $1,898,477
USD Price$0.0027
Price Change 1h0.78%
Price Change 24h0.77%
24h Low / 24h High$0.002748195388692698


Launched14 Aug 2023
Added14 Aug 2023