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What is PlutoAI?

Pluto AI : Staking, NFTs, and AI Bots - project build 100% using PlutoAI

Are you looking to get in on the DeFi staking, NFT, and AI craze?

The newly launched Pluto AI Project has it all, and it’s poised to be the most unique, engaging, and hype-filled way to play with these concepts.

Pluto AI is a meme-focused project that makes it easy for new users to get involved in the action by letting them generate their own memes, custom bots, and NFTs with just a few clicks.

Staking: Users can take advantage of staking and put their tokens up to earn rewards with the click of a button.

NFTs: Pluto AI provides access to the NFT market with its own minting dapp. Here users can create, sell and trade their own NFTs with one clic

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Launched01 Aug 2023
Added07 Jul 2023