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4RX to USD Chart

What is 4RX?

Brief of Project:

4RX is an index-based price utility token that combines the benefits of a stable price token with a high interest staking and farming investment program. This gives 4RX the stability of a traditional investment vehicle and the high performance of a crypto asset.

The purpose of the 4RX project is to build one token that reflects a wide range of 80 crypto

assets with a high potential growth curve. for the future, mainly related to projects in the decentralized finance arena (DeFi). The platform also enables the 4RX community to passively stake a variety of coins using a single token, saving a tremendous amount of money on trading and gas fees.

4RX is a first-of-its-kind base price index utility token, used as an indicator of market volatility

and price trends in real-time for 15-20% of all total tokens market cap (valued as $360B as of April 1st, 2021.) Our token is governed by the most advanced AI algorithm that detects the pulse of the market in real-time.

The 4RX algorithm is designed to predict which tokens are best suited for growth while considering their impact on the 4RX price every few seconds. This also saves traders time and money by eliminating emotion-driven high-risk trading decisions.

We developed 4RX to suit a wide range of users' profiles – from crypto enthusiasts to seasoned investors and everyone in between. The unique mechanism behind the index-based price utility token lets users save on gas fees for high-volume transactions, swapping, and Farming.

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Market Cap1.43% $10,494,949
USD Price$104.94949724210362
Price Change 1h0.19%
Price Change 24h1.43%
24h Low / 24h High$103.02165022299403


Launched01 Apr 2021
Added10 Aug 2021