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LMAO to USD Chart

What is LMAO?

$LMAO is meme coin built on Binance Smart Chain, no fuckin taxes! / fuckin function code or whatever shit like marketing wallet. LMAO just popular emoji on ppl chatting.

Most popular emoji

LMAO used by ppl chatting, ppl emotional texting on social media , everywhere & everytime ppl found this fuckin legend of emoji.

Community owned

LMAO was born without any fuckin owner of the project, the community determine everything about LMAO in whenever they want to do, shilling-marketing-building is just the community themself.

Safu contractz

It's just simple created to make everything safe and without any function code for the contract, minted by unicrypt.

Liquidity lock

Liquidity lock and the owner of the liquidity it's just the contract it self, very important to become 100% decentralized coin. (Happening in a week from the launch)


$LMAO Tokenomics it's just simply people tokenomics.



91% were sent to Pancakeswap liquidity pool, another 9% sent to Anonymous/maker $LMAO.

Initial liquidity lock was 50% in one month, another 50% in a week.

Let's see how $LMAO growing in the first launch, then LP gonna be extended lock forever/renounced LP.

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Market Cap‹1.17% $98
USD Price$0.00000000000028
Price Change 1h‹0.4%
Price Change 24h‹1.17%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000000000274911


Launched30 May 2023
Added31 May 2023