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Dino Team officially launched their first ever BUSD mining platform in DeFi space in June 2022

which ended in August 2022. Over $ 700K+ was invested and generated a roughly three times

profit for investor. First ever DeFi space platform completely supported by the revenue

generating business model contributing roughly 30% to the mining platform. Though the project

ended with loss to some investors and Dino Team decided to reimburse the losses to the investor

up-to maximum they can. Over $168K+ was reimbursed to over 700+ investors – first ever such

move in DeFi eco-system changing the whole perception about Dino Team and setting a

benchmark for everyone else

Dino V2 is all about Dino Token and a sustainable mining platform.

Investors would have to buy their tokens from Dino Exchange (listed on same website) and stake

those tokens in mining platform. No one will be allowed to do the direct sale and purchase for

now and rather staking has been made must for everyone to get their returns but in near future

direct buy and sell will be enabled when there is enough liquidity in Dino Exchange to get it listed

across other exchanges.

All staked tokens will be based on old functionality of daily claims and then 7 days withdrawal

cycle. Staked token will have a 5% of daily return until 50% of initial investment is recovered and

then later it’ll be changed to UPTO functionality.

UPTO functionality is a profit distribution mechanism deployed to control the pump/ dump &

sudden TVL drop happening due to unforeseen circumstances. All new investors will not be

impacted by this behavior, and they’ll be getting straight 5% till their 50% of investment is


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Launched08 Sep 2022
Added14 Sep 2022