### What PEPE CEO INU?

PEPE CEO INU is the newest addition to the Binance Smart Chain meme economy and we are determined to make it the healthiest one yet.


PEPE CEO INU designed to bring a new spin on the legendary $PEPE token with the first real multi use ecosystem token on Binance Smart Chain. Not only are we bringing you one of the first dual staking & farming system but also a NFT marketplace and analytics tool to track your BSC adventures.

### PEPE CEO INU DEX Platform

PEPE CEO INU is a DApp project that aims to offer users the ability to easily and securely swap cryptocurrencies. The platform uses the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and is based on smart contract technology. The main idea of ​​PEPE CEO INU is to allow users to exchange their cryptocurrencies without the need for intermediaries such as centralized exchanges. This reduces costs and increases user privacy, as well as making transactions faster and more efficient.

### Tokenomics

In every transaction (buy and sell) 2% of those tokens will be automatically burned and taken out of circulation to increase the price of tokens even faster.

A personal Christmas gift from the Great PEPE CEO INU. 4% of every transaction is redistributed to the holders for simply HODL-ing.

We will actively use this fund to bring in a whole squad of influencers to support, make headlines on twitter and have a dedicated plan to listing on CMC CG + exchanges.

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Launched28 Apr 2023
Added28 Apr 2023