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What is Supercake?

Launched Saturday 23, Supercake it's a memecoin wich focuses in the surroundings of it's community and healthyness of it.

Starting the community with The Jungle BSC (devs own community) members and some telegram crypto influencers, we aim, firstly and above all, to have the most healthy and exclusive communities of all Telegram tokens.

The token gives rewards in $CAKEMOON.

The team is going to create a necessity colaborating with top performers NFT artists, therefore, buying each token of our collection of NFT's will cost 4k $SC and 1% of all buys will go to burn supply.

Each collection will have it's own mini story, written by the team. That way investors can know the context of the art they are buying. The total NFT's per collection will be 1k.

Each NFT will also have it's unique utility, but the rarest ones can be confirmed that will give the person that holds them the opportunity to join a very exclusive private group. Things yet to be unvailed.

The native token of Supercake will show the % of interest people have in the NFT's. The more people buy the NFT'S, the more expensive they will become, since to buy the NFT you need to buy the token. Hence the importance of exclusiveness.

Staking will also be available anytime soon.


· 2% liquidity

· 6% marketing

· 2% rewards

· 0% dev


The team is formed by Josh, the owner of a medium size community called The Jungle BSC, who deployed the contract and took responsibility regarding marketing plans, and Samuel, the designer who is gonna be making all the NFT’s you will all love.

Both are based in Spain and are doxxed since Josh is very well known by the greatest celebrities in the BSC space.

Team also hasn't started any marketing yet, since they have no rush.


Who is SuperCake?

SuperCake it’s the brother of $CAKEMOON, and the only superhero in the Cankeda galaxy who is capable of saving her from the hands of dark creatures.

Where will my SuperCakes live?

Your SuperCakes will live in the BEP-20 blockchain as ERC -721 tokens, and remain stored forever in your wallet once you buy them. You can appreciate them in your Metamask wallet or in the PancakeSwap Marketplace.

Why should I buy a SuperCake?

SuperCake it’s a collection of NFT’s and it’s also tied to it’s own token to give utility to the NFT and the token at the same time.

Both the price of the token and the NFT will depend on each other, since you will need $SC tokens to buy the NFT’s!

Is Supercake a good investment?

When buying Supercake you’re not only gonna be holding one of the greatest pieces of art of the XV century but you’re also gonna be partto one of the best communities of the BSC space!

We will gather all the most known influencers and we will share the same space, time and conversations in our Telegram group.

What’s the price of a SuperCake?

All Supercakes will sell at the floor price of 4k $SC. Owners will then be able to decide to wether keep them or resell them at a higher price.

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Launched23 Apr 2021
Added27 Apr 2022