Burn Cro


Burn Cro to USD Chart

What is Burn Cro?

Burn Cro is a deflationary token on the Cronos network.

Maximum supply 100,000,000,000

100% of the token supply is in Circulation.

On the 1st of every month we burn Cronos and Burn Cro at a ratio of 1:3 respectively.

We also burn 3 Burn Cro for every 1 Cronos that is burned from the Cronos community pool.

5% of fees generated from every trade goes towards burning Cronos.

The only purpose of Burn Cro is to reduce the supply of Cronos by burning it.

The more you trade, the more we burn.

Never invest more than you are prepared to loose.


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Launched09 Oct 2023
Added15 Jan 2024