X-Men Token

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What is X-Men Token?

In a world where Elon Musk is on a memetastic mission to rebrand everything with the symbol "X," a group of crypto enthusiasts unite as the XMEN community. Inspired by Elon's vision, they set out to spread the power of memes and decentralization, reshaping the world through humor and innovation.

$X-MEN - Drawing Inspiration from Legendary X-Men Comics and Twitter's Rebranding to 'X'. The Time for X has Arrived, and We're Poised to Rescue the Cryptospace. Let's Revive the Bull Run in Crypto.


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LOW Tax 1/1

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LP Locked for 1 Year

Contract: 0x7e022d2A606E730e221fcd95e25ad9F500eDbbE4

Presale Contract: 0xFC1e87936535F14F29B7b998e815C2853358D781

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Launched01 Sep 2023
Added29 Aug 2023