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What is Assetcoin?


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🌎 Main

💪 Activate Extra 100 Coins

📨 Customer Support: [email protected]

👉 Official Telegram:

👉 Official Telegram News Channel Joining link: 📣

👉 Facebook:

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🔥 Questions like when listing:

We will list between September or October.

✨✨ I CAN'T LOGIN: This normally happens when a user forgets his password after signing up. Kindly click on login, then click on forgot password and input the email you signed up with, then go to your email and read the instructions carefully, then follow the steps to regain access to your account.

⚡How to do task? Kindly go to website, click on how to activate extra 200AC and you will see how to perform and upload tasks or on your dashboard scroll down and you will see HOW TO DO TASK!✨

🤔 When withdrawal: withdrawal will take place after ICO or IEO💥

🤑 Which sales method will you use: Initially we wanted to use ICO but team is considering IEO, this will be decided later.🌟

🕳️Claim your 50AC instantly by signing up on the website now 📢

💌 Get extra 200AC for liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, and on Instagram, Posting and tagging 10 friends on Facebook and. subscribing to our YouTube channel. Also get 20AC by taking screenshot of being here on telegram and uploading to your activity on the website. (Totally 250AC)

kindly do the tasks and upload them on your profile, then send an email with your Asset Coin username to [email protected] and you will be credited extra 200AC within 24 hours after we check to see if you did the tasks.

AssetCoin is the next big cryptocurrency on the blockchain using DApps for it's social media platform.

Users will earn for using the social media platform &

Your coins will be used to stake and earn monthly income or as masternode.

AC will also be used as form of payment for services offered on the social media platform.

You only need minimum of 1500 coins to stake and 5000 coins to be a masternode user. MasterNodes will earn upto $2000 monthly for helping us power the blockchain.

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram YouTube and refer your friends to earn more AC. Read pinned message for more links & resources.

Contract address: 0x6732e881b7fa88d43931804a285073d55fff3069

Also available on

Update: Our ICO round one is live now!

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Launched03 Oct 2021
Added03 Oct 2021