Apex Finance


What is Apex Finance?

We are looking to build the mutual fund of crypto. Building utility for our $AFX token.

AFX tokens will be used for:

1. Staking for stable coins with varying APY with earnings coming from our ecosystem.

2. AFX can be staking for yield farming in our DEX that we are building for our ecosystem.

3. Yield farming on various aggregators.

4. Partnerships with other like-minded protocols.

Our ecosystem includes:

1. Solar powered Cryptomining

2. Our own decentralized exchange (DEX)

3. Yield farming with Nodes such as Flux Nodes, Presearch Nodes.

Our protocol will be a community powered one. In which AFX token holders can vote for new revenue instruments to be added to our ecosystem.

The main goal for our protocol is to build value into the price for AFX and also allow AFX to be used to earn passive income at the same time.

Read more in our whitepaper on our website.

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The first batch of our copper launches have begun.


FAQ for our copper launch:


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Launched21 Jul 2022
Added26 Jul 2022