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What is AIMINDS?

AIMINDS is a deflationary cryptocurrency built on the Arbitrum network with a total supply of 230,000,000,000,000 tokens. The fee structure of AIMINDS has been revised to incentivize various stakeholders. AIMINDS applies a 7% fee on both buying and selling transactions. The fee distribution is as follows: 2% for sales liquidity, 2% for marketing efforts, 1% as rewards for token holders, 1% for the treasury, and 1% for burning tokens to reduce the supply. This fee structure AIMS to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for AIMINDS. The burning mechanism reduces the token supply over time, increasing scarcity and potentially leading to value appreciation. Additionally, the reward distribution rewards long-term token holders and the allocation to developers incentivizes their contributions to the project.

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Launched02 Jun 2023
Added27 May 2023