Animal Economy

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What is Animal Economy?

Animal Economy Specifications

Named Animal Economy (ANEY) Was founded in 2021. We started with birds for meat as seen in the video (2021 Review Birds for Meat). Due to the war in Ukraine and the lack of food for birds, we decided in 2022 to switch to egg-laying birds that also get a different food so that in the end the Animal Economy can make profits.

With Animal Economy and our land and buildings, we want to create an investment coin. which aims at a long-term investment that can benefit from profits from Animal Economy and also the liquidity of the coin.

The Animal Economy project started in 2021 and in October 2022 the Coin (ANEY) will be released with Proof of Stake and Masternode Coin will be launched. We have a Real use case and this makes us confident, that this Project will have more users and will be used in the long term.

Main Aims

To be a decentralized cryptocurrency mixed with investment program, providing convenience in diversifying, make the project even more valuable with increasing time.

Use Case

Animal Economy (ANEY) is a Investment Coin. If we have ANEY, it means that you have invested in a variety of investment forms.

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Launched24 Dec 2022
Added29 Jan 2023