What is AutoRose?

The AutoRose Bot is a high-tech, AI-powered Telegram bot built to smash the challenges of managing cryptocurrency-focused Telegram groups. Its AI is always learning and adapting from your management style, finessing its skills to create the perfect moderation partner. With live data feeds from multiple cryptocurrency exchange platforms, AutoRose keeps you one step ahead with the latest market intel. Plus, its expert spam and fraud detection keeps your group safe and legit.

Administrators can fine-tune the bot's settings, including managing group permissions and squashing spam, to create a custom-fit solution for their group.

The $AROSE Token

Your backstage pass to an arsenal of kick-ass features that turbocharge your Telegram group. Acting as the main currency in the AutoRose ecosystem, this token is your ticket to advanced spam filters, priority support, and AI customization options.

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Launched05 Jul 2023
Added05 Jul 2023