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What is AllStars Coin?

The World's First Digital Sports Exchange.

We have re-imagined Sports Staking for Web3.

Now we're bringing together the world's most passionate community.

At AllStars Digital we want to democratize Trading on the performance of Sports Stars via a digital economy based on a Blockchain Token – AllStars Coin, $ASX. We will deliver this as the world’s first digital sports exchange.

The Problems:

• Traditional Gambling is based on binary outcomes – you win or lose based on one, or a series of, specific declarations

• Sophisticated sports fans and digital communities want something else; based on relatable value

• Crypto markets lack fundamental data points to underpin price prediction

• Fiat payment providers offer poor servicing and high friction for Merchants and Customers

• Data for gambling and fantasy sports transactions is opaque

Our Responses:

• We have re-Imagined Sport Staking as a perpetual position on the holistic performance of an athlete for one game, one season or the whole career

• We've linked the performance of sports athletes to a real-time market price presented as a new type of Tradable Asset Class with an accessible user experience

• $ASX creates an ecosystem currency to address and enable the next generation of Sport Traders

• AllStars Digital Platform payments based on frictionless DeFi

• All Trading Transactions via $ASX verifiable on the Blockchain


We're bridging the multi-billion-dollar digital asset space with the trillion-dollar mainstream trading and betting markets. With over 3.5B football fans and 1.5B cricket fans, we are set to disrupt a huge economy.

AllStars Digital (ASD) is a unique and dynamic Sport Player Performance Exchange with over 5000 of the best players in Football and Cricket (other sports coming soon) presented as Perpetual Futures linked to the performance of the biggest names in each sport, tradable via the biggest Crypto currencies.

ASD’s utility coin (AllStars Coin) $ASX, will provide VIP access to the entire AllStars trading ecosystem. Enabling holders to get loyalty discounts for trading, and unlocked access to sports-related trading assets and Play to Earn games via AllStars Play as well as unique sporting NFTs leading to virtual game activations. $ASX will give holders governance for a Sports Performance DAO.

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Launched02 Nov 2022
Added30 Oct 2022