AxonDAO Governance Token


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What is AxonDAO Governance Token?

Evolving Health for Mankind, by Making DeSci for Everyone.

AXGT Gives You the Power to:

Vote for Projects you’d like to receive our funding

Vote for Governance Proposals

Submit Ideas/Proposals for funding

Access AXGT Member Areas

Early Access to DeSci Projects & more

Liquidity Locked

Fair Launch

Axon was founded in 2014 as a telehealth and clinical data startup by an ER Physician and tech partners. It later became AxonDAO LLC in 2023. AxonDAO is building DeSci. We believe that sourcing and compensating the general public to get verified data can also be an efficient way to bring new medical therapies to market, attract research, and all of this can fund new medical projects. Ultimately inflowing data into AxonDAO’s LLM AI-Learning Language Model and DeSci Marketplace.

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Launched17 Oct 2023
Added20 Sep 2023