Decentralized Axolotls Token


What is Decentralized Axolotls Token?

Decentralized Axolotls 🦈

🔥 Decentralized axolotls will be a future collection of Axolotls on solana. Some of our utility consists of Staking, Voting Rights, Exclusive events/giveaways, and more! 🔥

😎 What about the founder? Well that’s me. Hello I’m Jack AKA AXO the founder and owner of Decentralized Axolotls. I am a 15 year old, self taught blockchain enthusiast and investor. 😎

💖 We hope to take you from deep in the ocean to all the way in space with utility and community. 💖

🤩 So with all that said who will be the next axolotl trainer. 🤩

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⛓️ Jump in to the web3 ocean with Decentralized Axolotls⛓️

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Launched03 Apr 2023
Added25 May 2023