What is BlackDracos?

The Black Dragon Platform aims at a future for technology and artistic commerce that supports

protecting and monetizing the value of content experiences. For the Black Dragon project, this

means developing around concrete value and the ability to deliver a physical item that is recorded

on-chain and the NFT in digital form.

Within the Platform, the BDGR token is used by project creators to gather and interact with

artistic NFTs and content-related NFTs that are backed by PHYSICAL art collections and rights

in original works of unique value.

Black Dragon is developed in a way that captures all the “benefits” and attributes of our

competition and their products while moving to a new area of value secured by blockchain and

financial technology.

The Black Dragon Platform blockchain database and the smart contracts developed by Black

Dragon are new means to organize the chaotic history of the art world and increase the distribution

of highly valued content and entertainment within the growing digital marketplace.

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Launched14 Jan 2022
Added30 Sep 2023