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What is Bender?

Introducing $BENDER, a crypto meme coin that's as bold, loud, and audacious as the character it's inspired by - Bender, the unforgettable robot from Futurama. This coin, while not officially affiliated with the show, encapsulates the spirit of Bender - it's unapologetically cool, so much so it might even give a Yeti goosebumps.

$BENDER is more than a standard meme coin. It's a celebration, a tribute to all the things that make Bender such a memorable character - his daring wit, his unique charm, and his undeniable magnetism.

So if you're searching for a crypto journey that packs a punch, brims with fun, and pays homage to our beloved metal maestro, $BENDER is your ticket. Hop on board and prepare for a wild and entertaining ride!

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Market Cap›1.06% $16,105
USD Price$0.000000038
Price Change 1h›0.05%
Price Change 24h›1.06%
24h Low / 24h High$0.00000003834626393


Launched08 Jul 2023
Added06 Jun 2023