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What is Benfa Network?

🔥Benfa combines DAO & NFT in a single platform, a hybrid platform where both the DAO protocol and Non-Fungible Tokens can be integrated which creates another level of user experience. This combination in protocols enables NFT to provide a marketplace consisting of Market Explorer, Cross-Chain & Cross-NFT Stores, NFT Creators, and Metaverse Gamification.


🔥Creating the Benfa multiverse, which combines a series of the crypto gallery in different settings and virtual worlds using the Play-to-Earn mechanism, provides an opportunity for players to possess their own items as NFT and let to know more about blockchain technology and decentralized apps in an entertaining way.

What is an NFT Marketplace?


🔥Contract: 0xf57661c53FE16612d79BC85591d5ABa54cE4fBDD

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