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BlondieCoin to USD Chart

What is BlondieCoin?

It's a memecoin. Imagine if hundreds of thousands of idiots decided to invest just $5 into Blondie’s coin. Now picture if those same fools opted to post on their social media profiles once a month about this pointless coin. How about half of the investors create one post on Reddit to generate a buzz. Let’s half that half and have those people post comments in random subreddits. Now let’s circle back around to the hundreds of thousands of investors and have them message crypto, tech and financial journalists to encourage them to write a story about the Blondie coin. Then sit back and watch OUR coin gain over 6,000,000% and deliver jaw-dropping returns

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Presale on PinkSale
Presale on PinkSale
TypeFair launch


Launched15 Jan 2024
Added04 Jan 2024