Baltic Miners

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What is Baltic Miners?

Auto-Compounding Rewards Made Easy! is is a DeFi Auto-Compounding and Staking Platform owned by Cryptocurrency Mining Company UAB Baltic Miners.

All purchases of the BMI Token are automatically compounded on our platform. From the second you purchase BMI, you are immediately earning Compounding Rewards! 365.000% APY, your BMI tokens will remain in your wallert and you will see day by day numbers of token rise and the all amount of tokens are free to sell in pancakeswap or in our peer to peer exchange when you wish.

You can also stake BMI and lock into the Staking Contract for a minimum of 180 days, earning 730.000% APY after which you are able to withdraw 20% of your Staked Tokens to your wallet after every 30 days.

How you can be sure or crypto ecosystem is sustainable? because we invest as liquidity provider 10% of our 70 petahash Bitcoin mining revenue each month.

Search on the market more interesting token ... but we are sure you can't!

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Launched18 May 2022
Added16 May 2022