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What is BNBDOGS?


Our token rewards holders in BNB reflections that not only prevent unfair trading practices but allow holders to earn passive income as well!

Tokenomics BNBDOG$

300k supply

50k vested for 3 months (Dogwalk to earn Dapp)

50k vested for a month (NFT staking rewards)

139,500 presale

56,889 liquidity

Presale price 1bnb 3100 BNBDOG$

Listing price 1bnb 2150 BNBDOG$

22,5/45 bnb 65% liquidity

BNBDOG$ NFT Bnb minter

With NFT BNBDOG$ you can mine Bnb collected directly from the token smart contract fees, through a pool that is fed by these fees and where the user who owns a BNBDOG$ NFT can stake to mine Bnb, whenever there is a transfer or transaction with BNBDOG$ token 2% of the amount is converted into Bnb and goes directly to the NFTs pool, continuing Bnb mining!

As never seen before the auto filled pool will be always giving users rewards in Bnb by staking their NFT.

BNBDOG$Walk Track your dog walks - Earn BNBDOG$ Tokens.


BNBDOG$Walk will provide a widget for telephone and a Watch App that tracks your dog walk workouts and will allow users to earn BNBDOG$ tokens.

In addition to storing these walks in HealthKit (move and exercise circles), BNBDOG$Walk keeps track of your pup’s daily active minutes with a glanceable circle on your wrist.

Fill your circles and your dog’s circles at the same time to earn tokens!

The BNBDOG$Walk activity circle is updated by you and any other walkers you invite to your family.

Invite your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, dog walker etc. When they walk the dog, the dog’s circle fills up on your wrist, increasing the token amount earned throughout the day.

Inviting additional family members is easy through the iOS settings panel.

You will also get notifications when someone other than yourself takes the dog on a walk. These include:

* When the dog has started or completed a walk with another owner

* When the dog has completed his or her daily goal

BNBDOG$ Reflection Token automatically rewards holders in BNB!✅ BNBDOG$ NFT allow users to Stake and earn BNB collected directly from the token fees!✅ Low taxes/big rewards!✅ Audit✅ KYC✅ SAFU✅ Walk to Earn/ Dog workout tracking App✅ CEX listing✅ CMC and CG fast tracking✅ Unique Smart contract feature✅ No private sales✅ join the Whitelist on our socials!

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Market Cap1.07% $3,056
USD Price$0.011
Price Change 1h0.1%
Price Change 24h1.07%
24h Low / 24h High$0.01139630740371468


Launched25 Nov 2022
Added24 Nov 2022