Binance Smart Chain

What is Bsheep?

🐑 BSHEEP ($BSHEEP) is a community driven project built on Binance Smart Chain #BSC. BSHEEP brings the most disruptive approach to BSC ecosystem: A community based project which ensures that holders of $BSHEEP are entitled to receive $BNB through the community pool system.

🐑 BSHEEP team include experienced designers, developers and marketing from the crypto industry.

♻️ $BSHEEP Contract: 0xeb4bd7cac8c58073d9301a5fb06c15c02ccf7d9f (

📖 Whitepaper: BSheep Finance Whitepaper (

✅ Audited by Solidity Finance: Solidity Finance Audit Result (

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Launched28 Jun 2021
Added28 Jun 2021