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What is SurgeProtocol?

Surge is the first truly decentralized cryptocurrency trading solution

While large parts of crypto traders and developers would claim there are already pretty decentralized exchanges, Surge closes the door for crippling Ponzi schemes in disguise of decentralization, while providing an ecosystem to highlight what truly matters: Projects with fundamentals and utilities.

SurgeSwap is the first truly decentralized DEX, enabling each token to store its liquidity inside its own smart contract.

The native token $SRG is the liquidity pair of every token on SurgeSwap ("SRG20 tokens").

With increasing demand for SRG20 tokens, the demand for $SRG increases at the same time.

An increasing price of $SRG automatically increases the prices of all SRG20 tokens.

Project owners can launch their token on SurgeSwap without any initial liquidity funding

- Manually set the starting marketcap of your token

- Pay gas fees to deploy the contract

- Enable trading - Your project is now live!

Surge has a built-in protection against MEV bots. This allows traders to use higher slippage without running the risk of falling victim to MEV-sandwich-attacks.

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Market Cap‹0.86% $42,177
USD Price$0.00043
Price Change 1h‹0.47%
Price Change 24h‹0.86%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000423329544460037


Launched12 Jan 2023
Added18 Apr 2023