Presale Phase

What is Bearcoin?

Bearcoin uses engineered inflation and deflation to allow investors to profit when the price of Bitcoin falls. Bearcoin deflates itself as Bitcoin falls, and inflates itself as Bitcoin rises. It's also possible to mine inflation simply by holding at least 100 BTCBEAR during inflationary periods (and holding more BTCBEAR in an account increases its odds of mining inflation). #DeFi

Since we can't predict the true market value of Bearcoin, the goal is to launch at a low price and then give away 38% of all BTCBEAR as a free airdrop over the first year: ~21,868 BTCBEAR per day will be distributed to random addresses holding at least 100 BTCBEAR and having opted into inflation mining on (for more details read the whitepaper at

Bearcoin has been audited by Certik ( and is undergoing KYC with Cyberscope.

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Launched06 May 2022
Added03 May 2022