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What is BTC ERC20?

🚀 Introducing BTCe: A SHA3 proof of work token on Ethereum mainnet. 🌟

Dear Crypto Enthusiasts,

We are excited to introduce BTCe, a revolutionary cryptocurrency that embodies the ethos of the original Bitcoin. With a fixed total supply of 21,000,000 BTCe tokens, this project pays homage to the principles that have shaped the world of digital currencies.

Key Highlights:

Halvings: In the spirit of Bitcoin, BTCe implements halvings. Whenever half of the remaining tokens have been mined, a halving event occurs. This ensures a controlled and measured token distribution over time.

SHA3 Proof of Work: BTCe harnesses the SHA3 Proof of Work algorithm, guaranteeing robust security and decentralization through its mining process.

Passive Income and Active Participation: BTC ERC20 presents a distinctive opportunity that bridges passive income and active engagement. Holders can earn through staking, contributing to network security, while miners can actively participate in the mining of BTCe tokens.

BTCe is more than just a cryptocurrency; it's a tribute to the core principles that have driven the success of Bitcoin. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we usher in a new era of digital finance.

Stay tuned for further details on staking and mining options with BTCe.

Best regards,

The BTCe Team 🌐🚀

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Presale on PinkSale
Presale on PinkSale
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11 Sep 2023
18 Sep 2023
StatusFinished 15 days ago
Duration7 days
TypeFair launch
Soft Cap1 ETH


Launched18 Sep 2023
Added09 Sep 2023