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Bitcointry Token to USD Chart

What is Bitcointry Token?

Bitcointry Token ($BTTY) plays a pivotal role within the Bitcointry ecosystem, offering a multitude of applications for its holders. $BTTY serves as a medium of exchange for peer-to-peer transactions, ensuring swift and secure payments with minimal transaction fees. Additionally, it functions as a means to cover transaction fees on the Bitcointry Exchange platform, presenting holders with a discount on trading fees. Furthermore, $BTTY serves utility in staking and participating in governance proposals, empowering token holders to engage in the decision-making processes of the Bitcointry community.

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Market Cap7.1% $655,272
USD Price$0.0013
Price Change 1h0.29%
Price Change 24h7.1%
24h Low / 24h High$0.001328641592122629


Launched02 Jan 2023
Added13 Jan 2024