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What is Expart Bucks?

Expart.me is a platform that allows users to competitively guess non-fungible token (NFT) art amongst each other based on preferences and ‘last sold-price’. An arcade game in the style of retro/8-bit designed to obtain global outreach about NFTs. We can’t tell you why a Cryptopunk #7523 is worth $11.8 million dollars just like we cannot tell you why a $3 million dollar Lamborghini Sian is better or cost $867 million less than the Mona Lisa. That’s your job, you being the player or in this case, the ‘expart’ (expert+art).

Our platform would allow us to understand market trends and allow buyers and creators to reflect their prices accordingly. The game is simple, two NFT selected at random are pitted against one another as a ‘one versus one battle’. The user selects which he/she deems is better or more costly. This information provides a numerical (ranking) value that wasn’t available before hopefully reducing volatility in current and future prices. This process can help us with other questions like what should a NFT be priced at, what characteristics make a certain NFT more valuable, which one is undervalued, which NFT Artist can we promote, which is the most popular, etc.

NFTs would be pulled from the Harmony Network / daVinci.gallery allowing additional advertising space for all Harmony’s creators and listings. Users that correctly guess receive one raffle entered towards a weekly+monthly giveaway, all time high score earners also earn special bonuses to be determined at a later date. We strongly believe the ecosystem we are creating would benefit this thriving space immensely while eliminating any perceived notions and/or bias about digital art. I mean I personally questioned why anyone would buy any of these NFTs meanwhile I have spent hundreds of dollars on Dota 2 and CSGO ‘hats’.

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Launched11 Feb 2022
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