Binance Smart Chain

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What is BZ?

BZ uses the DeFi+NFT+DAO gold combination to empower the future development of cryptocurrency finance. The world's largest supply is 10 million, and the distribution of tokens is as follows: (50% added to the pot, 30% destroyed, 10% airdrop, 10% community development).

And a multi-level reward mechanism is creatively used: the transaction tax rate is 9%, the first generation recommendation reward is 1.5%, the second generation is 0.8%, the third generation is 0.4%, the fourth generation is 0.4%, the fifth generation is 0.4%, the sixth generation is 0.4%, the seventh generation is 0.4%, 0.4% in the 8th generation, (to bind the superior-subordinate relationship, just transfer 0.01 BZ to the subordinate address, and the subordinate-subordinate relationship will be automatically bound)

LP dividends 3%, return pot 0.3%, marketing 1%.

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Launched15 Aug 2023
Added15 Aug 2023