Crypto 4 A Cause Fund


What is Crypto 4 A Cause Fund?

Crypto 4 A Cause is an ERC-20 token that aims to revolutionize charitable giving by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. With Crypto 4 A Cause, users will have the ability to vote on proposals to donate money to a variety of charities, and they will also have the opportunity to earn tokens through a play-to-earn game that is inspired by popular titles like Grand Theft Auto & Cyberpunk.

Creating a DAO for charitable giving:

The decentralized nature of the Crypto 4 A Cause DAO allows users to have a say in where their donations go. By voting on proposals, users can choose which charities they want to support and how much they want to contribute. This ensures that the funds are used in a transparent and accountable manner, as all votes and transactions are recorded on the blockchain.

In addition to voting on proposals, users will also be able to submit their own proposals for charitable projects. This allows the community to come together and collaborate on making a positive impact in the world.

Play-to-earn game:

To further engage the community and provide additional utility for token holders, Crypto 4 A Cause will also feature a play-to-earn game that is inspired by Grand Theft Auto. This game will allow users to earn tokens through gameplay, which they can then use to vote on proposals or hold as an investment.

The game will be set in a virtual world with various missions and challenges that players can complete to earn tokens. It will also include a marketplace where players can buy and sell virtual goods using the Crypto 4 A Cause token.


1. Creation of p2e game-fi NFT Dapp iOS/Android

2. Blockchain built on proof of coverage protocol

3. Metaverse app community bridge

4. Medical blockchain utilizing smart contracts to store & deliver sensitive metadata safely.

5. NFT charity farming & staking

6. Centralized Exchange

7. Hackathons and careers

8. Education grants

9. Non-Profit grants

Crypto 4 a cause (C4C) is a platform that is dedicated to educating new crypto users about ongoing Defi scams and providing a safe, autonomous environment for investors. The platform aims to bring together different thought groups and identify ways to combat crises such as water, food, gas, famine, health, housing, and insurance through the use of crypto and web3 technologies.

One of the key goals of C4C is to inspire positive experiences in the crypto space and to help users learn how to make money and keep their Defi currency secure. To this end, C4C is working on the development of Scam Mercenaries, a game that revolves around the idea of giving something tangible back in exchange for time and money. The game aims to align game-fi, NFT, charity, and personal data security in a way that is fun and engaging for users.

The development of Scam Mercenaries is just one part of C4C's larger mission to create a safer, more competent, and more educated crypto planet. Aligning these different elements is a complex and ambitious task, but one that C4C is committed to pursuing in order to create a brighter future for all crypto users.

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