Captain George

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What is Captain George?

Captain George Token currently has in development an Epic 3D NFT Ship Battle Game in the works. You will be able to buy your ships upfront or start from scratch and upgrade your ship with all the necessary items needed to defeat the enemy ships. Make your Ship unique and 100% yours…. Until you lose, in battle and have to surrender your ship or pay a bounty to have it returned safely. All ships, parts, upgrades, trades, transactions, battles, wins and losses will be recorded on the BSC Blockchain. This game will serve as the main use case for the token with Captains very own Captain Token, used as the in-game currency.

Captain George Token is also a charity token that will help serve the oceans by education of conservation and cleanup. Donations will be hand delivered in person to programs and organizations that specialize in ocean cleanup. Partnerships are already in the works and being officially finalized.

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Launched02 Jan 2022
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