Meta Ricaro

Binance Smart Chain

Meta Ricaro to USD Chart

What is Meta Ricaro?

Meta Ricaro is a multipurpose transactional token created on binance smartchain METARICARO Acceptability (CARO) Token will serve as a global crypto currency, which will be acceptable on all Metaricaro platforms, and it will empower people to use a single crypto currency for diverse Use's as well as trading.

Metricaro creates a Metaverse Based infrastructure on the blockchain where users will be able to use CARO Token on multiplatform.

Ricaro Coin is a BEP20 Coin that can be bought in exchange for Binance (BNB). Designed on the BNB blockchain, RicaroCoin is designed to expedite transactions while offering low transaction fees.

RicaroCoin will play an extremely significant role in driving transactions on a number of platforms, internationally, including Shopping, Trading, Travel, Remittance, Merchant Services, Staking, and many more. It will also be the backbone of RicaroCoin Referral & Reward Program. The acceptance and usage of Ricaro will increase its popularity as well as value.

In addition, users will be able to play and earn using CARO token on the online gaming platform and will be able to trade in NFT and various cryptocurrencies buy and sell using CARO tokens on the CAROX exchange in upcoming days.

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Launched04 Mar 2023
Added07 Jul 2023