Ownership is Renounced

BrazilRussiaIndiaChinaSAfrica to USD Chart

What is BrazilRussiaIndiaChinaSAfrica?

•If you are sick of rug pull projects, we are to! There is nothing worse and hateful these days than greedy DEV team and whales, than BRICS➕ is place for you, experimental meme token, designed and implemented for emerging markets, this token will focus on the needs of users.

This token is also specific as will play (Anti-Manipulation) role to avoid manipulation and create healthy growth! We got your back 🫡

BRICS➕ token is created hoping that will change crypto perspective!

•BRICS➕ is ERC-20 token. ✅

•CA: 0x55559d9b47fff7b7f891de11e9ef56654b42ffbd ✅


•DEXTools: 👉

•Ownership renounced, key 🔑 burned.


•Liquidity key 🔑 sent to 🔥:


Track burning 🔥:


•Token name: BrazilRussiaIndiaChinaSouthAfrica➕✅

•Token Ticker/Symbol: BRICS➕ ✅

Total supply: 21,000,000 ✅

BRICS➕ Basic features: 

•Max amount per wallet: 500,000 ✅

•Auto-Tax burn: 

Buy 0.40% Sell 0.40% ✅


Buy: 2.1% 

(0.40% auto coin burn🔥 included) ✅

Sell: 2.1%

(0.40% auto coin burn🔥 included) ✅

BRICS➕ as Anti-Scam Vanguard ✅

In an era where the crypto landscape is tainted with questionable schemes and broken promises, BRICS➕ emerges as a beacon of trust and hope. Born from the lessons of the Cryptozoo scandal, we aren't just another token—our mission is anchored in integrity, forged by a community that's had enough of the deception. Our vision? To establish a transparent, reliable, and scam-resistant crypto space where investors can breathe easy. The uniqueness of BRICS➕ isn't just in its code or its symbol—it's in its spirit. We stand as a testament to resilience, to the belief that we can pick up the pieces and create something better.








Bricsatoshi 🙏

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Market Cap20.1% $83,660
USD Price$0.0039
Price Change 1h1.59%
Price Change 24h20.1%
24h Low / 24h High$0.003178510094226756


Launched06 Sep 2023
Added12 Sep 2023