Collateral Network


What is Collateral Network?

Collateral Network, Is the world's first challenger lender offering more innovative, flexible, and accessible loan products, making it easy for borrowers around the world to unlock cash from their physical assets on the blockchain.

Asset backed lending is estimated to be a $4.5 trillion market globally and is forecast to grow to approximately $6.9 trillion over the next five years.

By opening the first challenger lender to cryptocurrency users, we will give the opportunity for cryptocurrency investors to become their own banks and provide fractional loans to borrowers for an agreed fixed rate of interest.

Borrowers will be able to use their physical assets to release cash without needing to sell their assets or jump through multiple hoops and red tape. All borrowers will be provided with the opportunity to benefit from the growth of the assets they own whilst unlocking liquidity.

The Collateral Network marketplace connects borrowers and investors. The platform has been built on the Ethereum blockchain and will have multichain capabilities. We allow users to find and own some of the best asset based NFT options the market has to offer in a matter of minutes.

With no impact on the borrower’s credit score, no cost to apply, and no obligation to move forward, it's an ideal solution to release some cash and take advantage of assets sitting at your home.

Users can buy fractional NFTs of assets similar to buying shares in the stock market. The platform enables users to borrow against their holdings and has decentralised functionality enabling users to store the NFTs on their Collateral wallet or on any third-party ERC-20 compatible wallet.

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Launched01 Aug 2023
Added07 Apr 2023