Cremation Coin


What is Cremation Coin?

Cremation Coin is a community-led Binance Smart Chain token aimed at reducing the supply of popular

cryptocurrencies with excessively high total supplies. By implementing a burn mechanism on 10% of all

trading volume, we could potentially burn billions of dollars’ worth of coin supplies. As Cremation Coin

grows in popularity, our team will develop and execute more creative and innovative ways to burn.

With an immediate emphasis on evolution and development, Cremation Coin has long-term plans that

expand far beyond the crypto space, spanning into a host of real-world utilities and benefits.

We believe that if this idea is properly executed, it could grow into one of the biggest projects in crypto.


Cremation Coin’s mission is simple: reduce the supply of cryptocurrencies that have outrageously high

total supplies. By doing this, the targeted coin should naturally see a rise in value. The higher the

trading volume of Cremation Coin, the more we will burn.

Due to the mass devastation caused by the UST depeg event, our first target coin will be Terra Classic

(LUNC). When the supply of LUNC has been reduced to a reasonable level, the Cremation Coin Community will have the opportunity to vote for the next target coin.

Shameless self-promotion will never be something that we are comfortable with. We will simply spread

the word that we have produced a quality token with very powerful potential. From there, we let you

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Launched16 Dec 2022
Added10 Dec 2022