Chameleon Rewards v2

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Chameleon Rewards v2 to USD Chart

What is Chameleon Rewards v2?

Chameleon Rewards' primary goal is to make it easy to obtain and passively grow a digital currency portfolio just by holding CRewards (Chameleon Rewards v2).

Holders earn 5% rewards on every buy and 6% on every sell. Those rewards are paid out as dividends in highly desirable tokens like USDC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, and more. The reward token holders are paid in changes every 2 weeks. So just by holding CRewards, you can passively grow a diverse digital currency portfolio!

In addition, our website is designed as a 1 stop trading hub with built in DEX, Cross-chain bridge, NFTs (Coming Soon), and a storefront (coming soon); AND we're expanding to Polygon by November 10, 2021 with Ethereum expansion coming soon after!

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Launched27 Sep 2021
Added28 Oct 2021