What is CUM INU?

A duel chain currency within an international NSFW platform

The CUM INU platform offers access to adult content and non-fungible token (NFTS) in three ways:

CumInu Cams - live content being streamed across the platform where viewers have the ability to tip the creator in CUMINU tokens.

CumInu Content - creators can host a profile on the platform and sell / auction digital content such as photos, videos and NFTs in CUMINU tokens.

CumInu Ask Me Anythings (AMAs) - content creators will co-host a live streamed event on the platform where viewers can interact via chat and webcam with the ability to live tip in CUMINU tokens as well as bid for collectible NFTs.

How does CUMINU token benefit?

The platform will have a fixed % fee that it charges on each transaction processed. These fees will be collected and then used to buy CUMINU on the open market before sending it to a burn address. (deflationary)

10% tip fees, 5% when converting to or from CUMINU's BSC utility token.

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Launched12 May 2021
Added03 Jun 2021